The visionary thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit of Vuletić Family is never at rest and today Zlatnik will write its new story. Aware of the fact that even the world’s greatest travelers, when they reach certain age, realize that it is hardest being on your own when old, that smiling is the best therapy and that kind words give hope, the Vuletić Family decided to invest its knowledge, experience and capacities in something which shall serve as an example for everyone.

Guided by their unerring instinct for innovative, quality and humane approach and after several decades of successfully running the hotel, this family decided to change this elite hotel’s purpose, because as everyone say “Older people deserve to live in dignity as well”. From now on, Zlatnik will be a retirement home! Its guests or residents will feel like they are at home but also enjoy a 5-star hotel experience, surrounded by care, love and top-level service. Having considered the offer of similar existing retirement homes, and with the firm belief that the future is different, the Zlatnik management team wants to offer something special and different. They want to make this the best retirement home, the leader in its category, just as it used to be the best hotel. They do not want for its residents to feel as if they were living in a nursing home, but as if they were residing in a 5-star hotel.

-Our guests have always pointed out that our hotel makes them feel like they are at home, those were the most frequent reviews given and that is why they always returned to stay with us because being at home is the best feeling in the world – Branka explained. We decided to re-invest and we managed to meet all the requirements and obtain a license which allows us to operate as a home for adults and elderly.

The 3,000 sqm hotel complex is now fully adapted for new residents. All of the 50 rooms (single bed, two beds and three beds) have been fitted with new modern furniture with special attention to each tiny detail, while 8 rooms with a large bathroom are fully adapted to residents (in wheelchairs) who need the highest level of care. The retirement home can accommodate up to 100 residents. In order to facilitate the adaptation of residents to their new home, we allow for family members to stay with them, while for family members from abroad, we will provide an apartment for a period of 10-15 days.

-In addition to a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, a physical therapy center and an exercise room, there is also a large common outdoor terrace for resting and socializing, a library, and an art workshop, a cinema and a theater stage, but also a salt room, a wellness center, a hair salon and a pedicure salon. Every dish offered by this hotel-retirement is kneaded, cooked and prepared fresh. We don’t have any frozen meals or take-outs, and our residents may also prepare the meals, their favorite cakes or home canned foods together with their chefs. As the Retirement Home Manager, Radmila Getman, pointed out – “This will provide enjoyment to them and it shall also serve as an occupational therapy”.

The selected team of social workers, therapists and medical staff offers the residents of Zlatnik a full 24-hour medical care, day-to-day occupational and work therapy, and a visit by a specialist doctor once a week. The professional team of Zlatnik Retirement Home applies a modern work approach in order to help its residents improve their independence in life after staying in a hospital, to prepare them for a stay in a rehabilitation center, but also to provide them with top-notch services of a 5-star hotel which will improve their social life and provide a short-term or a long-term home away from everyday obligations, stressful live situations and a place of enjoyment in life.